Gastro technology

We offer professional equipment from the world’s leading suppliers operating in the field of gastronomic technology.

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  • Convection ovens, shock blasters, holdomats
  • Grills, ovens, pizza ovens
  • Fryers, boilers, braising pans
  • Salamanders, cookers, pasta cookers
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Ice makers
  • Refrigeration show-cases and cooling tables
  • Warm show-cases and warm tables
  • Dispensing equipment for counter dining
  • Dishwashers
  • Mixers and juicers
  • Slicers
  • Dough rounders and dough dividers
  • Digesters


We are able to realize the project of your enterprise according to your wishes and equip the kitchen by the latest technology including stainless, washing tables, serving counters, etc.


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