Duni Evoline




Evoline – Revolution in tableclothing

Evoline is a revolutionary new material that combines the luxury of linen fabric with the convenience of a single application. It is produced from renewable sources. Wonderfully soft material, creates impression of elegant sag of tablecloth over the edges.
Thanks to the great fresh look of Evoline, tables will always look like new.

Indulge all your senses perception of perfection

  • Luxurious surface of materials tempt to touch, complex structure captures light which creates subtle reflections
  • From every angle, it looks differently, thanks to a plastic patterns, colors are always rich and vibrant
  • You can use it to cover the whole table or tete-a-tete (face to face)
  • Evoline always manages to surprise both to the touch, or you can watch the reaction of your guests

The intimate atmosphere for every occasion

  • Combine and decorate
  • Different color combinations, pay only for what you need and when you need it
  • Quick and easy preparation with roles perforated every 1.2 m
  • Perfect quality for every preparation
  • No unwanted folds and wrinkling
  • Appearance and quality of linen fabric
  • Breezy elegance to the exclusive atmosphere


  • Quicker preparation due to the absence of stains, holes and faded colors
  • Simple to create perfectly symmetrical lines
  • Faster cleaning without the costs associated with sorting, folding and ironing
  • Perfect hygiene for guests and employees
  • No more worries with laundry
  • More time to care about guests